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    Is your home messier than you’d like to admit? Would
    deep cleaning house sell your left kidney just to have the bathroom sparkling again like it did when you first moved in? If you’re tired from all the work you do all day and simply have no time left to clean house, maybe it’s time to consider a maid service. However, before you let strangers into your home to deal with some of your most personal messes and items, it’s probable there are some unanswered questions you’d like to have addressed first.

    What differentiates one maid service from another?

    To be honest, some companies just care more about their task at hand than others. Some actually have company values they strive to keep in everything they do. Still, others are work out of the house maids who have no screening process in place and answer to no one else. It’s not said they won’t or couldn’t do a good job, however, it’s always best to deal with a larger corporation that has been in business for a while and strives to meet customer expectations.

    How do you compare prices of maid services?

    Much like with other service companies, homeowners would do well to choose a firm that is somewhere in the middle cost-wise. A low ball price often indicates the quality isn’t there, and a high price indicates they think entirely too much of their services. Compare
    duct cleaning to apples. Do they all perform the same tasks? What kind of guarantee do they provide? How often will they come to your home? These are all questions that should be asked and satisfactorily answered.

    How many maids will come to my house?


    house cleaners near me don’t prefer an inordinate number of people trouncing through their home, it’s often necessary to send a small team in to attack the mess in a timely matter. It only makes sense to have some working downstairs while others work on getting the soap scum out of the tubs. Make sure all team members are bonded, insured and checked for criminal backgrounds. Not only does this protect the company and your precious valuables, but it gives you peace of mind when it comes to having strangers in the house.

    What kind of supplies are used? Do I supply my own?

    Most companies bring their own supplies, often striving to provide the greenest solution possible. However, oftentimes, the best paper towels are not the greenest option, nor are the greenest cleaners the best for removing mold off shower stalls. Trust the company that has been in business for years to provide the right products for the job, but if you have specific products you prefer, simply tell them.