Stepped Up

Stepped Up
Stepped Up

Muscle Group:

Cardio, upper body, lower body and your core


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You! It's all you

Step is back and this time there's no leg warmers!

It's time to HIIT the steps and scorch the calories. Forget everything your mom told you about her old step class, cause this is not your mama's step class!

Stepped up will take you to your limit with heart pounding moves. Combining the movements of old school step classes with new styles and adding the HIIT method your guaranteed to make the sweat start flying and the calories run for cover. Your mama wont even recognize you after you return from these steps.

Get ready for a fast fun class with great music, superior moves, and a group format that will have you looking to lean on each other for support!

Isn't it about time you Stepped Up with  Jen  For Life Health & Fitness!

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