Short Circuit

Short Circuit
Short Circuit

Muscle Group:

Arms, Legs, Core, & Cardio


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Dumbbells, body bars, stability balls, medicine balls, pull up bars, bosu ball, resistance bands

Don't bother checking the fuse panel, cause it's on!

Bored with trotting along on a treadmill or elliptical, it's time to pull the plug becauseĀ Short CircuitĀ is the fix for that!

In this class we switch up the exercises frequently to spark the mix, tame the exercise doldrums and keep your body guessing!

We love to pick up the weights, body bars, medicine balls and whatever else we need to strengthen and keep improving our bodies.

Make sure you're grounded, cause we're about to hook up the positive and jump your heart rate with a low-impact, strength building workout that is over before you know it!

So break out the wire brush and clean the terminals cause after this class the energy will be free flowing!

Take it the next level with Jen For Life Health & Fitness!

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