Muscle Group:

Arms, Legs, Core, & Cardio


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Stability balls, medicine balls, Bosu balls, dumbbells, bodybars, resistance bands

You just won the lottery and didn't even buy a ticket! Cause we got your winning numbers right here in this class!

With Dumbells, Body Bars and Bands, Powerball has the 3X multiplier you need to to reach your fitness goals. The only number picking you'll do is the number of reps it takes to feel the burn and wave bye bye to calories and fat.

With this low impact workout you'll get all the benefits of a hard core workout with out banging your joints. Never before has a class this intense been so easy for fitness levels of all ages with low impact moves.

Challenge yourself to take on the 3 levels of Powerball. Bosu, Medicine, and Stability! We promise by the time your done you'll be surprised at how much more you accomplished than you thought you could!

Take the Powerball challenge of strength, balance & core with  Jen  For Life Health & Fitness!

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