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Mat, Kettlebells

KETTLEBELL AMPD is one of the fastest growing workouts around. What is a kettle bell? Yeah I'd want to know what I was getting myself into too!

Just briefly kettle bells were designed in the 1700's in Russia. They were mainly used by farmers for weighing crops. Typically made from cast iron and weighing anywhere from 5-15lbs or more, they resemble a cannon ball with a handle! But not always!

We have brought them out of the fields and onto the floor for a complete workout! In a 60 minute group exercise format you'll be able to swing, snatch, squat, and sling shot to name a few moves, your way to leaner arms, muscular legs, and a tighter core.

Get ready to push yourself while getting lost in the music and kicking calories to the curb, with one of the most fun sweat soaked work outs you'll be challenged with!

Ring the Kettlebell with Amanda, Mindy P., or Sara For Life Health & Fitness!

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