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Resistance bands, Determination & You!

AMPD RESISTANCE is one of the newest formats from the creators of Kettlebell AMPD. Its time to put the Kettlebell down and get the Bands together!

Ever tried a resistance band? Originally made from surgical tubing, resistance bands were used for muscle rehabilitation after surgery or injury and for cardiac rehab patients to allow slow stamina and strength rebuilding.

Well they're not just for rehab anymore! Light weight and easy to carry anywhere. The resistance band has made its way into the gym. Today classes consist of different fitness levels and different colored bands. Each color indicating a different level of resistance for training.

No matter what your range of resistance is we have a band for you. If your just beginning grab a lighter resistance band, been there done that we can get you a band that will make you sweat! But keep in mind there are no cheater reps with bands. The resistance starts the moment you move, and stays there the whole time!

So bring your start point, or bring your been there done that, but be sure to bring your intensity. Its time to have fun, hear some great tunes, and get a complete total body workout that's safe at all levels. This is one band class you won't get kicked out of!

Start the Resistance with Lisa For Life Health & Fitness!

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