Here in our archive are you'll be able to find several videos! From informational videos on how to meal plan. What kinds of meals are quick and not calorie dense. You'll have access to some great recipes  and ideas direct from the owner Jen who by the way has a degree in Culinary arts, to our Professional Certified Instructors.

Get to know the inside scoop on how Sara gets her meal planning and meal prep done. Learn what kinda of healthy snacks Mindy K. likes to keep on hand! Get to know what type of meals Lisa likes to cook to stay healthy. Get the inside track on what foods Mindy P. likes to eat to keep her energy levels at max! Find out just what powers Amanda to be able to swing those kettle bells!

As a For Life Health and Fitness member you can even e-mail in your ideas for recipes, snacks, and meal prep you use. The team will review these once a month and if yours is chosen you may win a great prize! What kind of prize? Well maybe a free class? Maybe a free shirt? Maybe a free water bottle or Shaker cup! You'll have to submit to find out!

Here you will also find video's on work out technique. For example how to use proper form and other exercise tips. If your having trouble building muscle in certain areas what moves you can use to help target those areas! You'll here from Jason on just how to achieve those boulder shoulders! Maybe Michele will share the secret on just how to get that perfect Yoga pose you find so hard! Maybe you feel a little sluggish and need some supplement help?

Look in our archives to find what you need, if it's not there e-mail us or suggest it to any one of our Trainers and we will try to get it into video form and get you the help you need!

Thank You for choosing For Life Health and Fitness!